Prof. Rosivall (Semmelweis University) winst the Second CELSA Service to Society Award

The CELSA Service to Society Award is the first international award of its kind within Europe. It honors faculty that have gone beyond the professional exercise of their duties and had a significant and positive social impact, based on their academic work. This impact can consist of special care for the weakest segments of the population, special attention for social, economic or cultural impact, special efforts for spreading the information to the general public etc.


This year, it is CELSA’s honor to grant prof. Rosivall with the CELSA Service to Society Award. Professor Rosivall is not one of th best-known and most distinguished Hungarian Scholars and physiicions of the last five decades, he has never been focused solely on the academic aspect of his work. He established the Gypsy Medical Education Program, aimed to assist the development of that community, raise their standard of living and finally, facilitate their integration with the rest of society.

He also took countless actions to bring the due recognition of Ignac Semmelweis’ contribution to science and humanity and incorporated sign language in the curriculum of medical studies.

More information about him and his activities can be found at: https://kortan.semmelweis.hu/munkatarsak/Rosivall_Laszlo/index.en.shtml


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