Third call for proposals of the CELSA Research Fund

Deadline is October 26, 2018.

It is expected that CELSA will be able to fund up to 10 - 12 new research collaborations between CELSA researchers.

Second call for proposals of the CELSA Research Fund


Deadline was March 1, 2018.

First call for proposals of the CELSA Research Fund

On January 31, 2017, CELSA launched its first call for proposals for collaborative research projects. In the next three years, about 30 research projects will be jointly funded by the CELSA partners. The aim of the joint CELSA Research Fund is to encourage research collaboration amongst the CELSA partners.

Each of the projects will have at least two researchers from two different CELSA partners on board. Projects will conduct research in various scientific disciplines in collaborative setting. The projects will need to have the potential to bring this collaboration to a higher level, and should result in high quality applications of pan-European research & innovation funding programs such as Horizon2020 or its successor.

This first call closes on May 2, 2017.

The first CELSA funded projects will start in October 2017.

  • Looking for a partner? Send a message expressing your interest for collaboration, and indicating your topic of expertise to the support team (
  • For questions regarding this call, contact CELSA

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